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    New Iconic Kurz Collection

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    New Iconic Kurz Collection is “THe one” symbol of true love and happiness.

    Since 1948, KURZ has been presenting exclusive timepieces and jewellery collections. Even though the boutique is well-known with its exclusive assortment, it never ceases to amaze its customers with new elegant collections. “The ONE” is the latest exquisite solitaire, with the highest level of brilliance and the iconic crown set. The collection fascinates with its elegant design and magical shine. The ONE is the real eye-catcher, and the happy owner would certainly be a centre of attention.

    Good to know:

    • The ONE has a diamond in brilliant cut 1.00 ct starting from H SI1 quality.
    • Only through skilful grinding and polishing of the facets the diamond has a breathtaking sparkle.
    • An iconic crown set is an exclusive KURZ design.
    • This beautiful handmade solitaire is also GIA certified.
    • The price range for the ring in white gold stats from CHF 9’990.- and in platinum around CHF 32’000.-
    • Furthermore, you can find more about KURZ collections on its official website.

    If you are planning the special moment for the special person, this iconic ring would help you in receiving the treasured “YES”. Because it is more than a ring, it is a demonstration of love, partnership and dedication.

    KURZ also presents different collections for different styles. Among them beautiful Denim Collection, Eternity and Multi-size Diamonds. Each has its own unique design and grace. Depends on your taste or occasion you would always find a perfect set.

    Add a little sparkle to your life.

    Finally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me -> GET IN TOUCH.

    Be healthy and wealthy! :)

    Yuliia Caliskan
    At MonAme Magazine, I’m in charge of content and publication. I am passionate about all things new and sustainable - traveling, food and active lifestyle. As an MD specialized in Dermatology, I also always keep myself up to date about new advancements in beauty and cosmetics industry.

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